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Retail Roofing & Restoration Services
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Our client is the national leader for tile roof replacements. Clay tile roofs are very popular on large, high-end homes, especially in gated communities throughout Florida. Tile roofing lasts a very long time but can become damaged by catastrophic conditions, especially high-velocity, hurricane winds. Homeowners do not always realize when their tile roof has been damaged by a storm, as active leaks may not show up right away. Clay tiles become brittle with age and can be very difficult to repair without causing more damage to the surrounding tiles. When a substantial number of tiles are cracked or split, or when many tiles become loose from sustained, high-velocity winds, a full replacement becomes necessary.

Homeowners may fail to realize how important it is to work with a contractor that specializes in these high-end roofing systems, as many roofers are not equipped to handle the scope and complexity of tile. Inexperienced roofers and other inspectors sometimes fail to recognize damage and other signs that the lifespan of the roof has been compromised. Our client educates homeowners with high-end roofing systems to include tile and metal. They are the experts, especially when determining the condition of tile roofing and communicating those conditions with the homeowner and insurance adjusters, as needed.


Our client needed help identifying residential homes that may have been impacted by extreme hurricane winds and had not already been replaced or repaired. They were interested in marketing directly to those homeowners who would benefit most from their service, especially homeowners who were likely unaware that their roof was damaged. Tile roofs pose a specific challenge to our client as a large percentage of these roofs exist within gated communities, making a
door-to-door canvassing strategy difficult to execute. To overcome this, our client needed to take a multi-channel marketing approach. They were interested in maximizing their marketing budget on a strategy that specifically targets high-end homes, reveals significant revenue opportunities, and results in enormous ROI.


Cognitive Contractor identified households and roof types that match the client's ideal customer. After acquiring data from multiple sources, we trained the models to filter out undesirable attributes. For example, the model excluded homes with non-tile roofs, and homes that had replaced their roofs since the hurricane. Using geospatial technologies, Cognitive Contractor refined the data based on geographic location to only include areas that were heavily impacted by the storm.

Our team also pulled data directly from the client, related to previous customers and lost opportunities. We enriched this data by adding attributes from 3rd-party sources, which enabled us to create a robust repository of homeowner attributes for ideal customers as well as households that should be avoided. Cognitive Contractor analyzed this collection of data to create the ideal customer profile. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Cognitive Contractor implemented predictive models and trained our system to identify high-value opportunities that were likely to convert.

Cognitive Contractor implemented 15 separate campaigns over seven months, employing various marketing strategies. We took a multi-channel approach with each campaign and optimized the outcomes by targeting homeowners through their preferred platforms. We were able to connect with households by understanding which individuals are more likely to engage electronically versus those that may prefer phone calls or other communication channels. The data revealed which marketing channels work best within unique subsets (personas) of the targeted prospects. These personas are very useful for personalizing marketing content within each campaign, such as messaging and special offers.

In addition to data science and strategic marketing, our team devoted time to preparing our client for the influx of appointments by coaching sales teams and promoting best practices. The client became diligent about carefully managing sales efforts, follow-up, and internal processes in order to take full advantage of every opportunity. Prior to working with Cognitive Contractor, our client was closing 1 of 4 opportunities (25%). After 7 months of monitoring the results specific to Cognitive Contractor's data-driven strategy and marketing efforts, we recorded enormous increases in average conversion, gross margin, and return on investment.








Closing Rate


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