Record-Breaking Sales

3805% ROI

Client Profile

National Roofing Company

    18 Years of Operation    

 Residential & Commercial 

    Licensed in 20 States     

Our client is a national roofing company, largely focused on catastrophic storm damage restoration. Over the last two decades, they have completed thousands of roof installations and have grown to be one of the top 12 roofing companies in the United States. With over 200 employees, they lead in all markets where they operate and are the largest roofing company in Florida. They provide residential and commercial roofing services, including specialty roofs and historical restoration projects.


Our client came to us with aggressive growth goals—to vastly increase the number of new opportunities within markets that have suffered from recent catastrophic hurricane damage. Cognitive Contractor implemented a data-driven approach for targeting ideal prospects, generating appointments, and increasing sales efficiency.

First, the client neeeded to stop wasting time chasing low-value leads purchased from 3rd-parties. These sources sell the same list of contacts to any contractor willing to buy them. The “leads” are not vetted, resulting in low closing rates. Instead, our client’s sales team needed to focus on leads that match their ideal customers and have a high probability of converting.

Cognitive Contractor optimized their canvassing strategy by targeting homeowners more likely to convert at higher margins. Rather than knock every door, canvassers were able to skip low-value doors unlikely to become a sale. They focused on households already familiar with their brand, matching their ideal customer profile, and welcoming a consultation.


Cognitive Contractor (CC) implemented a tailored approach to address our client’s specific goals and markets. We began by gathering and preparing the data, which involves a series of steps to ensure that the required datasets are thoroughly cleansed and merged. Our refined and proven method is paramount to achieving the level of precision that our clients have come to expect from us. We gathered first-party customer data directly from their CRM and canvassing software. We combined it with third-party, market-level data, specific to each household and homeowner.

Once the data had been compiled and analyzed, we built custom lookalike models. These models use artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify which homeowners are ideal prospects within each market and predict the probability of a homeowner converting to a customer. Every household was scored and ranked, identifying the high-value homeowners who are most likely to convert.

Cognitive Contractor launched a series of multi-channel marketing campaigns, using advanced marketing solutions that personalize content to specific audiences and tracks the results of each campaign. We targeted households identified with the model and ran multi-channel, direct-to-consumer (D2C) campaigns via connected TV (CTV), online video (OLV), and the Google Display Network. Responses to these campaigns were supported with follow-up SMS and outbound calling to set appointments.

Going beyond the strategic initiative and marketing efforts, Cognitive Contractor assisted with sales-rep market assignments. Canvassers focused on top-rated homes identified by the model. Real-time results tracking prevented sales reps from overlapping. The D2C campaigns supported door-to-door efforts by providing brand awareness, which warms the leads and led to a spike in sales.


Our client specializes in high-end, tile roof replacements averaging over 50 SQ, and had an average closing rate of 24% prior to working with Cognitive Contractor. They experienced a substantial increase in appointments and set record-breaking revenue totals each month by implementing our data-driven marketing and sales approach. As a direct result from the rise in productivity and improved quality of leads, satisfaction surveys show that employees are delighted and sales reps are thrilled about the enormous increase in sales commissions, as they no longer waste time with uninterested or unqualified homeowners.

The Cognitive Contractor strategy has been in place with this client for six months and will continue indefinitely. Our system continues to learn and refine the model, which means the results will continue to improve over time. Despite the global pandemic, here are the results so far.

  • Market 1: Identified 131,128* targets
  • Market 2: Identified 206,979* targets
  • Market 3: Identified 26,488* targets
  • Total: 364,885 targets
  • 2832 appointments resulted from our data-driven approach
  • Appointments rose by 50%: averaging 475 appointments each month
  • The average contract price grew 25%
  • The average closing rate increased 13%
  • Opportunities** from canvassing increased 50%
  • Our client has recognized an 3805% ROI

* Marketing efforts continue to target all three markets and continue to convert into high-value appointments. Sales efforts will continue converting warm opportunities indefinitely.
**It is important to note that these results occurred during the global pandemic, which completely halted all canvassing efforts for 60 days and diminished canvassing potential for six months.