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Our clients have amazing things to say about us.

"Cognitive Contractor has completely changed the trajectory of my company. They have transformed our entire approach to customer acquisition so that now, it is targeted and refined. Data-based insights from Cognitive have charted our course and their continued guidance has brought us so much further than I could have ever imagined."

"Cognitive Contractor was a big part of our success here at CMR. Unbelievable, the quality of leads that Cognitive provided for us. I personally had an 80% close rate with the leads provided by Cognitive. Moreover, those leads and those signed deals led to a lot of referrals from those customers. We got great leads in good neighborhoods with solid amount of damage. And just to let you know, for a newbie like myself, I ended up doing about $25 million in sales in a 16 month period. So, needless to say, it has been quite successful."


Ron Sams
Top Sales Rep

"I oversee a team of 20 individuals who are out canvassing, door-knocking throughout east and west coasts of Florida. Cognitive Contractor has really opened up the floodgates for lead generation for us. Before Cognitive, CMR was not able to produce as many leads, or as many good leads as we do now."


Kevin Hennings
Team Lead

"I'm a sales representative. Working with Cognitive Contractor, it's really a game changer. Once we started getting Cognitive leads sent over to us, we set up shop. We have those appointments preset. We work it and then we start working the referrals and at that point, it's game over for the neighborhood."


Jacob Golec
Sales Representative

Are you a contractor with annual revenue that exceeds 20MM?
Are you currently spending over 100K each year on marketing?
Does your sales process involve outbound calls to cold leads?
Do you have frustrated sales reps struggling to close difficult appointments?
Is the average profit per customer far too low?
A data-driven approach with Cognitive Contractor will skyrocket the overall productivity for every rep and sales-related activity; including canvassing, scheduling, and running sales appointments. We can help you focus the entire team on qualified leads, hot prospects, and high-value opportunities.
If your existing solution relies on traditional marketing strategies, you are spending too much of the marketing budget on broad campaigns. Casting such a wide net is detrimental to your marketing ROI. Some agencies and strategies promise better ROI by focusing campaigns on "ideal" customer personas. We believe this is entirely insufficient. Customer personas are helpful when choosing the best channels or when creating engaging content. Nothing else exists today that outperforms targeted marketing campaigns focused on high-value opportunities that are specifically identified using artificial intelligence.
While Cognitive Contractor does provide the implementation of targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns, we are first and foremost a problem solver for blue-collar industries and home-services contractors. We provide a consultative and collaborative service that finds big answers using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies. We provide solutions that have already been proven and presented as case studies and we urge you to take a look. Most marketing agencies specialize in traditional methods and broad strategies. Many of the top contractors in the US have longstanding relationships with these kinds of agencies and are noticing a decline in performance. When companies reach a growth plateau or when traditional marketing fails to stay ahead of the changing landscape, Cognitive Contractor is eager to consult with them and devise a data-driven strategy customized and refined to perform at the highest level.
We acquire data directly from our clients as it pertains to their business objectives and the solutions we provide. Your first-party data contains valuable attributes when building a customer profile. For the most accurate predictive model, we enrich your first-party data with attributes from third-party datasets. This also helps to verify the integrity of your historical data. The broad combination of attributes results in higher accuracy for identifying qualified prospects.
The answer is yes. The value of your historical customer data and attributes pertaining to all opportunities, won and lost, weigh heavily when determining your ideal customer profile and when building a model that identifies prospects and high-value opportunities. We will validate the quality and integrity of your data. Whether your first-party data is sublime or if it is incomplete, either way, we will supplement and enrich your data with attributes we acquire from third-party datasets.
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