on the Rise
50% Boost

Client Profile

Large-Scale National Roofer
26 States, 44 Offices            
Residential & Commercial    
Founded 2002

Our client has been in business since 2002 and they pride themselves in the long-term relationships they have built with happy clients throughout the US. With thousands of roof installations for residential homes and commercial buildings, they have become a multimillion-dollar company. Each of their 200+ employees excel in their area of expertise, enabling our client to provide a complete range of trade services, including roofing, windows, siding, and gutters.


The client came to us with an urgent need to identify households that meet two criteria:

1) The roof had not been replaced since a specific storm event two years prior.

2) The likelihood of converting into a sale was very high.

The deadline to file an insurance claim for the last big storm was approaching and our client needed to maximize their opportunity to sell new roofs covered by insurance proceeds. With no time to lose, Cognitive Contractor would need to identify specific, high-value homeowners that match our client’s ideal customer profile and have a high probability of converting. From there, developing targeted marketing campaigns and coordinating with sales efforts would prove to attract and close valuable appointments.


Cognitive Contractor acquired the data necessary to understand the client’s ideal customer and identify promising opportunities. The data included a mixture of first-party, client data stored in their CRM and several third-party datasets specific to their market. We also acquired specialty datasets containing market-level, parcel attributes and homeowner details. This type of data at the household level can be difficult to obtain and is usually not available from most data companies, but it is one of our specialties.

Once all of the data had been processed, Cognitive Contractor defined the ideal customer profile for our client by analyzing thousands of attributes for previous customers. From there, we developed a customer lookalike model for each market and identified the remaining households with the highest potential to contract with our client.

In the final phase, we launched strategic, direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns that target and engage these homeowners.



Historically, our client had an average closing rate of 25%. The majority of their projects are high-end roofing (tile and metal), averaging 40+ SQ.

Cognitive Contractor’s advanced technology and integrated multi-channel marketing approach enabled personalized campaigns tailored to engage homeowners. We provide multiple channels for homeowners to respond and confirm their interest in our client's services. We tracked and measured each activity and every outcome. Here are the results:


1st appointments began in March of 2020

These positive results occurred despite the global pandemic.

50% Increase

Appointments with Homeowners

The average number of appointments doubled.

2832 Appointments

total appointments over 6 months

404 new appointments scheduled each month with homeowners targeted and engaged by Cognitive Contractor.

42% Conversion

Conversions for data-driven leads

The average closing rate increased by 17%

3805% ROI

Return on investment with Cognitive Contractor

The simple ROI for our client climbed to over 3,800%