Cognitive Contractor was created to facilitate the growth and success of contractors nationwide. Our founder, Josey Parks, is a long-time technology evangelist, self-made entrepreneur, and leader in the home services industry. While researching options for growing his own companies, Josey realized that contractors in the home services industry lacked the sophisticated sales technology that is common in other industries. Part of this was due to continued use of traditional sales methods like door-to-door knocking and cold calls, but he also found that existing tools have a difficult time conforming to the unique needs of the contractor industry. Without tools for identifying and tracking quality sales leads, contractors waste significant time trying to sell and relatively little time actually earning.

Determined to create a solution, Josey worked with our chief analyst, Charles Huett, to combine the strength of data modeling, analysis, and GIS technology to develop a tool that is intelligent, customizable, and perfectly suited for the needs of contractors. Now, contractors who aim for long-term success have the tools they need to thrive by reaching the right leads at the right time and for the right price.


At the age of 28, Josey is one of the youngest recipients of the Inc. 5000 Award, he earned the Young Movers and Shakers Award at METALCON, was recognized on the ‘Young Guns’ list by Roofing Contractor Magazine, and has been featured at numerous events as well as on national radio and TV programs, including CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires, for his notable success at a young age. Now, Josey brings the technology behind his success to market to help other companies maintain their competitive advantage through this modern technological evolution.


Charles is a retired Naval Intelligence Office who was responsible for keeping troops safe during combat missions through the use of routing technology. He is an expert in GIS and forensic weather analysis and also holds an MBA. As our chief analyst, he develops custom algorithms to clean, process, and analyze data sets and helps to translate results to strategic and pragmatic applications for contractors nationwide.